We are called to praise and worship God alone individually and collectively.

We are called to lead holy and righteous lives that exemplify the nature and character of God.

We are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ Crucified with those who do not know Him.

We are called to engage in intercessory prayer for the people and causes on God’s heart, including standing against evil in every form.

We value
Different ethnicity, racial, social, economical etc with ethnicity comes the cultural values and perspectives.

Diversity of God’ creation
Revelation 7: 9 gives us a picture of the beauty and the banquet.

Making Peace
We believe in the scripture that says “Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called Son’s of God) Mt 5:9 we believe the way to pointing men to Christ is making and living in peaceful harmony with those that differ from you, by so doing you would win them to Jesus.

Planting Churches
We value church plant, through that we would make disciples of all Nations as Matt 28 commanded us to and responding like the early apostles that planted Churches everywhere they go and in everything they do reaching new people for Christ