Wednesday Night Bible Studies, Prayers, Intercession(child care provided)

From 6pm-7:30pm  Beginning with combined worship. We embark on a journey of discovery, discovering God, His plans and promises, a journey to discover a personal God who wants you to have a genuine and authentic relationship. Through the study we allow the word of God, the Holy Spirit to interpret and gives us understanding as we apply it into our daily lives, this study is done in waiting for what the Lord has for the evening.

No two Wednesdays are alike, encounter a God of fire who refines, change and molds us into His image, in prayers ministering to one another, praying for the City of Rockford and for the Nations of the earth Psalm 2:8. It is where you have encounter come without an agenda

Children’s Wednesday Night study group!

As the adults spend time with God so do the same in a vibrant learning environment that is age-appropriate. Bring your children, so the whole family can grow together.

Join a Community

Have you ever had an authentic relationship with someone you just see in passing for a few minutes or once a week? We realize that forming closer relationships with the neighbors and new faces in our weekend services is and would be a challenge.

That’s why Teams/Community are and would be so important to Rockford Community Church. We make it easy by offering a variety of groups. Men’s, women’s and mixed (couples, singles, men & women)- at almost any time during the week. From weekends to weekdays, in the morning or evening, it will be easy to find a time that works best for you. The Community would provide a place to build authentic relationships in a personal, comfortable environment…right in someone’s home! Here, we hang out, catch up, and join in dynamic discussions about spiritual truth and growth. Together we learn, serve and have fun.

You might say I don’t know anyone yet? That’s okay! One of the reasons for The Community is to develop friendships that can’t happen during our weekend services. You won’t be “barging in.” We are also constantly starting new Communities, where everyone will be new to just like you. There is a challenge for all of us, but everyone needs a place to have authentic and transparent connections with others.

With our varied community times, we can help you find one that meets when you need it to, or we can start one that fits your unique needs. But I don’t know much about the Bible… Great! Our studies are always designed to be rich, interesting and relevant to all people regardless of background. Topics and types of studies vary from community to community Just ask! What if I don’t want to join in the discussion? No problem. You chose when to participate, as you feel comfortable What do I do with my children? We value the lives of our children we are working at it, give us suggestions

Kidz Zone

At Rockford Community Church our vision is to guide children to God, who transforms their lives and equips them to change the world. That vision is implemented by these core values:

Teaching the Bible
Activities and Fun (weekday & Weekend)
Passion for the World, People and Cultures

At Rockford Community Church children participate in the fun-filled arena. The arena runs during our Sunday services. This creates an exciting hour of fun and learning for the kids developing the leaders in them.

Baby Arena (0-3 years)

We believe that no child is too young to experience and learn about God’s love. Loving teachers and caregivers help children develop a basic foundation of faith through the repetition of simple Bible points, music, and a wide variety of multi-sensory learning activities.

Pre-school and kindergarten Arena 

Children rotate to different learning spots within their rooms and begin to build relationships with their peers and loving teachers. The age-appropriate curriculum is implemented to teach Bible truths during this time

1st-4th Grades

With their peers and teachers, the children celebrate God through worship, learn about God’s Word, and have fun building friendships with one another

5th -7th Grades

Our 5th and 7th graders get to meet in their own space–the would be designed their ministry to encourage the much-desired interaction with their peers, as video games, football and hang-out space are available. They interact with God as they are led in worship by a live band, and they grow in their faith as they discover God and learn to use their talents to serve Him.

Teens & young adults