Rockford Community Church, a Church of the Brethren Fellowship: A Multi-Ethnic Community

“Love God. Love people. Make peace and Plant Churches”

Rockford Community Church of the Brethren was started by Samuel and Gretchen Sarpiya in May of 2009. Samuel previously served as a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), University of the Nations and Urban Frontiers Mission. At YWAM, Samuel served as a discipleship training school leader, course facilitator, Community Development Program Coordinator, computer system administrator and delegate to the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), as well as to the United Nation’s Council on Indigenous Peoples Affairs. With Urban Frontiers Mission, Samuel served as Evangelism and Missions Director, helping to pioneer different urban ministries all throughout West Africa. Samuel is a Nigerian-born South African national.

Gretchen has led discipleship training schools and has helped to develop community schools. She has worked with children who are affected by HIV/Aids and has taken outreach teams to South Central Africa, as well as to other countries that cannot be mentioned. Gretchen was born in South Africa.

Together, Samuel and Gretchen are the lead Pastors of Rockford Community Church. They have three girls: Anna, Ella Joy and Deborah.

One of Samuel’s passion is to see Conflicts Resolved and life’s transformed. I am always looking everyday and everywhere to see Jesus at work to join Him.

Where We Are Headed

Becoming a Multi Ethnic Community: reflecting the City of Rockford, ethnically, economically, racially, and socially etc.  A multi- ethnic community of Gods people; who seek to make and live peacefully.

  • Evangelism outreach
  • Discipleship programs and training
  • Leadership development; being intentional about mentoring next generation of Godly men & women
  • Peacemaking and Conflict Transformation

Because we are commanded in scripture to make disciples of all Nation Mt 28: 16 -20

What we do?
  • Sunday service
  • Community engagement, Rockford Public  School, City of Rockford
  • Mercy ministry
  • Bible Study/ home groups
  • Make Peace through Conflict Resolution program, local and oversees